Grace Lambert-Smith

Grace is the kind of rider who says she hates hills yet constantly finds herself at the top of them having created a route she thought was benign. No stranger to long-distance, you'll find her taking part in Audax UK events, cycle-touring around Europe and venturing around her local hills in the Peak District, UK.

Written by Grace Lambert-Smith


Five Minutes With... TransIbérica Ultracycling

After a prologue race in 2018, the TransIbérica returns along with its sister race, Transpyrenees, for an exciting 2019. We spoke to race organisers Carlos, Azahara and David about what we can expect from this year's events.

Jun 4th 2019

Five Minutes With... Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough has made a name for herself in the ultracycling world over the last few years. After completing 2018's SRMR, she's back for TCRNo7 this year.

Jul 1st 2019

Push Bikes of Paris-Brest-Paris 2019

The 1200km randonée attracts the most weird and wonderful bicycles.

Aug 13th 2019

Bikes of the Transcontinental 2019

Ultra-endurance races always attract a quirky selection of bikes and this year's Transcontinental is no different. With everything from good old fashioned steel to modern rigs of titanium and carbon, it was a real array of bicycle beauty.

Aug 6th 2019

Five Minutes With... Lewis Ciddor

Lewis Ciddor is no stranger to the start lists of races around the world. He won Tour Divide in 2018 and he's kicked off 2020 with a win in his home state of Victoria in Australia. We had a quick chat with him as soon as his heart rate returned to rest pace.

Mar 5th 2020

Bikes of Race Around The Netherlands 2020

A race for the time triallists who need to carry everything around an entire country.

Aug 19th 2020

2019 Season Preview

2019 is shaping up to be a year packed full of exciting ultra-endurance races with many new additions to the calendar. Find out a bit more about some of the events this year and get ready for nail-biting coverage.

Mar 22nd 2019

Five Minutes With... James Olsen

James Olsen is the man behind the Torino-Nice Rally. Among the chaos of entry confirmations leaving James' inbox, we snuck in a quick interview with him to ask about the foundations of this unique event.

Mar 19th 2019

Five Minutes With... Juliana Buhring

Juliana Buhring is known for holding world records, winning ultra-endurance bike races and inspiring others to push their limits. We discuss her new role as Race Director of a new event, Two Volcano Sprint happening this November in Italy.

Jul 29th 2019

Five Minutes With... Lael Wilcox

One of the world's greatest endurance riders reveals an exciting list of riders she's hoping to line up against at this year's Tour Divide and shares her goals for the year ahead.

Mar 7th 2019

2019 End of Season Wrap

We take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the best bits of the season gone by.

Oct 18th 2019

IndiPac's Trail Angel, Kay Haarsma

Kay Haarsma lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Every year, she opens up her home for the Indian Pacific Wheel Race riders to offer them a few creature comforts on their journey through to Sydney.

Jan 14th 2020

Race Reports

Two Volcano Sprint 2021

The riders of Two Volcano Sprint are about to erupt into a display of power and endurance.

Sep 1st 2021

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