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BREAKING NEWS (literally)

Jochen's bike has broken! His wife posted on Facebook that he collided with a car and his frame broke and it is now unrideable.

He had an accident this morning where he collided with a car. Nothing happened to him except a few grazes, but the frame of his bike was broken. That means his bike is no longer usable. When looking for a bike rental, he spoke to a woman who was on the balcony. Unfortunately, she was unable to name a bike rental company, but offered Jochen her old mountain bike for the onward journey. So he packed the most necessary things in his backpack and is now riding on with her bike. He now has no cell phone holder and can therefore no longer go online.

You can see from the picture below that he had to use a splint to get to the nearby town and he's now riding the final ~130km on his new hot rod.

broken bike

Always pack zip ties, kids.

New wheels!

new bike

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