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Day 10

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Abdullah paid a visit to the legendary on-route Newton Bike Shop last night, apparently stopping to pick up a new stem on his way. He’s now on the eastern reaches of Kansas, close to the Missouri border, 420 miles ahead of Keith Morical.

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Leading lady Lea has now climbed to 7th place on the road, capitalising on some slightly longer rests by her fellow top ten racers. She’s now 170 miles ahead of second-fastest female Jennifer Ziel, who’s been resting in Silverthorne for more than 8 hours.

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And further down the trail, dot watcher Craig Lalley has been championing TABR veteran and 78-year-old rider Thomas Camero. He’s currently at the 480-mile mark, and as of this morning, is the last racer to still be riding through Oregon – the first state on the route. His spirits are high, and he’s even finding time to grab the odd selfie along the way:

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