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Tour Divide Day 30

Day 30:

The sign outside of Hachita on the final stretch to Antelope Wells. For many it is a mix of excitment that they have nearly completed their race and tinged with sadness that their adventure is drawing to a close. MS 65 miles (pic Mikki Suvia)

Max Bloomfield executed a perfect finishing day, managing to get a 4 hour stop at Hachita for a final sleep/nap before hitting the last 65 miles to the border in the pre-dawn light to finish at the cusp of day 29 in 28:23:25.

Mikki Suvia took a 12 hour stop at Silver City, before starting at 04:00 to finish the TD on his second attempt in 29:08:06.

From Mikki: *TDR 2019... In the Bag !!!

Wow, what a ride, LITERALLY... I don’t know yet where to begin, but suffice it to say, there’s so much running through my brain that I need to to process, I’ll get it sorted out and put it all together at some point.

In the mean time, here are some scenes from “The Border” !!! 🤙😎

MS 01 MS 03 MS 02

Joey King set out from Silver City only 2.5 hours behind Mikki and was closing the gap to eventually finish only an hour behind in 29:09:07 to come in 64th.

Sue and John O'Malley are still riding and are now currently at Cuba. They posted this shot of Sue with Sylvia of Sylvia's Snack Shack before Vallecitos.


Josh Ibbett has edited some of his GoPro footage for Part 1 of his TD journey ...


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