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The DGs

David Gooberman has successfully finished. His provisional time is 7 days 4 hours and 20 minutes. Well done.

Sadly, the other DG (Daniel Gona) has had to scratch because of a broken rear axle. How gutting to have got within 40 miles of the finish. The HT550 shows no mercy.

Berten De Canne is also a scratch. He had to bail from Fort William in order to catch a ferry back to Belgium. He smiled his way through some terrible conditions and I'm sure he will be back again. If anyone is riding the ACT-5 this year they can expect to a warm welcome from Berten - just don't try to keep up with him when drinking Belgian beer.

Alan Parkinson is in Fort William. Nick Bubb is riding down the Great Glen and I'm assuming John Mark Beckley is with him but it is hard to be sure as his tracker hasn't updated for a while.

Michelle Dulieu is about to descent to Letterewe before tackling the Postman's Path.

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