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Friday evening summary

As things stand, Dave Simons, Mike Sheldrake and Ron Thomson have all crossed the finish line since the last update. Well done to all three. Fantastic efforts.

Petr Kohoutek and Adrian Baskerville should push on to the finish even if they have a late end to their ride.

For the other riders, it seems like it will be a question of staying dry and warm for another night.

David Gooberman has been stationary in Kinlochleven for a while now. He is either having supper in the pub before carrying on for a late finish or settling down for the night in a B+B.

Daniel Gona and Iain Cormack look like they are safely lodged in Fort William.

Nick Bubb and John Mark Beckley look like they have found shelter in Camban bothy at the head of Glen Afric whilst Michelle Dulieu has stopped in Shenevall.

This means the only rider who might be sleeping in his tent is Alan Parkinson.

For those riders who don’t finish tonight at least they can look forward to a dry day tomorrow. Everyone bar Michelle should finish on Saturday so please spare a thought for her as she will still be riding on Sunday when the weather looks to get wetter again. She has not been daunted by the weather so far so I hope she stays strong all the way to Tyndrum.

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