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Day 7

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Just when you think you’ve seen Abdullah at the peak of his strength, he goes and surprises you: yesterday the Australian superman rode for nearly 27 hours straight, stopping for just six hours in Silverthorne early this morning. He’s now back on the road and within reach of Marcel Graber’s record time to Hoosier Pass set last year. When you consider Marcel set that time on a recumbent bike covered in a highly aerodynamic shell, you start to realise just how strong Abdullah’s ride is. Here's chief U.S. dot watcher Ron Nelson's data to show the lead:

Screenshot 2019-06-09 at 15.48.31

Once over the pass, which he will be in roughly 4 miles, that’s the worst of the bunched-up climbing done. Then it’s (mostly) flat until the rolling hills of Kentucky and Virginia – giving Abdullah ample chance to show off his time-trialing skills.

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