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Party time

The inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race has now officially finished, with the finishing party taking place this evening. All in all, 29 riders managed to officially finish the full route in the time limit, but there are a few courageous riders still out on the course.

Jenny Tough brought home the women’s title, and was the only solo female finisher of the event. The pairs category was won by the pairing of Katie Herpiniere and Lee Townsend, who arrived on the morning of the finishing party.

The Silk Road Mountain race has been deemed a huge success. It has proven to be a brute of a race, tougher than most of the competitors could ever have imagined. However, all those who entered will go home with memories for a lifetime. The recurring themes from the comments of all riders is how tough the course was, how beautiful the landscapes were, and most of all, how friendly and accommodating the local people were.

The Silk Road Mountain Race looks to be a classic on the bike packing calendar. It’s a race for those who want to push the limits of their physical and mental limits, as well as their basic survival skills. Let’s hope it makes a return in 2019.

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