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Kyrgyzstan bites back

Kyrgyzstan continues to fight against the riders still left out on the Silk Road mountain race route.

Temperatures have plummeted to below freezing up on the high Tosor pass with snow falling. Women’s leader Jenny Tough and Lee Pearce both had to take on the freezing temperatures. Lee had managed to lose his warm cycling jacket earlier in the race so had to make do with what he could find. This meant buying a winter jacket off a child in one of the small settlements on the route.

New Zealand rider Josh Rea didn’t manage to clear the Tosor valley by night fall and so had to endure a bivvi at -8 degrees. At that temperature everything freezes, including drinking water and even gear cables make life even tougher.

Luckily the race media team have been keeping close tabs on the riders in this extreme environment as it could be potentially life threatening in the most severe circumstances. All the riders are ok but the net result has been some incredible video of Josh setting off this morning.

All three riders along with a few other have all holed up in the small town of Kochkor, no doubt grateful of some warm accommodation and real food after the bitter temperatures they have experienced. The good news is that they are now nearly done, a couple more days should see them finished on this truly epic race.

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