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The finish line awaits, as Jenny closes in on Berlin to break the world record

Jenny is fast appproaching the end of her 18,000 mile (28,968 km) ride around the world, with current predictions estimating that she'll finish in Berlin at some point on Thursday 18th October. If correct, it will put her time at 124 days - enough to break the record by 20 days.

After starting from Berlin in June, Jenny's world record attempt has taken her across Siberia, Australia, North America, and Europe. After arriving in Lisbon last Friday, 5th October, she's ridden through Portugal, north across Spain, and over the Pyrenees into France. Picking up fellow Adventure Syndicateer Lee Craigie for photos and bivi spot stalking on the way, Jenny then swiftly made it across France and into the Benelux early this week.

As she wakes up just outside of Leopoldsburg in the Netherlands this morning (Tuesday 16th), she'll have around 700km left to Berlin, where much celebration and congratulations awaits.

It's been an incredible ride, and it's very nearly over. Get behind Jenny and show your support for the final stretch via social media...

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