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Tour Divide Day 27

Day 27:

Bob Stone rode nearly 24 hours straight to cover 195 miles and close out his race just after sunrise in 25:21:26.

Looks like we have Bob Stone from Hamilton, Montana coming down the long, every-mile-is-marked stretch of pavement to the finish. Not sure he will run all the way to the border in one go or will wait and see Antelope Wells in all its daylight glory. Bob told us at Brush Mountain Lodge he is a recently retired school principal so I’m sure he is used to putting up with all sorts of crazy antics. Even a TD space-cadet yelling at him from the back of a jeep. Get it Bob! Today, tomorrow, next week, we will be cheering for you!

Bob Stone Josh Kato (Text and Pic Josh Kato)

Nathan Franklin finished on Tue at 17:40, for 25:09:40. Nathan didn't use Trackeaders but had a SpotWalla page up. Gotta watch out for these stealth racers! Nathan Franklin (pic Joe Pavlik)

Somewhere in the Gila Eric Morton found this treasure trove maintained by April Fools Ranch in memory of their son Ryan:


Most riders who arrive to the border post at Antelope Wells who can't be met by friends or family send out a call or email to Hachita resident Jeff Sharp. Jeff is one of the legends of the Tour Divide who will arrange for riders to be collected (or dropped off for NOBO riders) from Antelope Wells at prety much all hours and will take them back to his ranch at Hachita where they can shower, sleep, get some clean clothes, eat and pack up their bikes into bike boxes of which Jeff has an ample supply. Riders are then driven to Lordsburg for the Greyhound bus to start their journey home.

RW Jeff S (pic Ron Winslett)

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