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Day 8

He’s past half way. Abdullah Zeinab has stopped in Eads for a rest at the 2,130 mile mark. He put in another 20+ hour ride yesterday, accruing more than 170 miles in the last nine hours. Let’s see how long this nap lasts…

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 14.48.54

Leading lady Lea Meszarosova continues to threaten the top ten – trading places with Tom Wick throughout the night and into this morning. The pair are currently passing through the town of Rawlins, at a distance so small their dots are completely overlapped.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 14.57.55

Further down the pack in Wyoming, Californian rider Reuben Trach is battling the pain of ultra distance cycling and keeping his spirits high:

And Australian rider Damian van Loon continues his daily updates from the road, describing his difficulty with the high mountain altitude compared to his sea level home in Perth:

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Day 8 - Trans Am Bike Race Woke up in Twin Bridges to a beautiful sunny morning, still chilly but at least no sign of snow storms or rain clouds...success! On the next climb I bumped into the female rider ‘Wild Birdie’ who is currently coming 3rd in her category. Also met quite a few other ‘non race’ riders who are just touring the Trans Am Trail and swapped some adventure stories! I always enjoy these types of interactions and like to make the time for conversation as much as possible! Apart from that, I decided to stay in the town of West Yellowstone tonight, so I could make the most of my time in the Yellowstone National Park tomorrow, as I’m unlikely to ever get the chance to visit this region again in the future. The main issue I’m finding at the moment with my race, is just getting used to the high mountain altitude. We are currently around 2000m above sea level, I live next to the beach back home in Perth, Western Australia. It always feel that I’m running out of air, especially on the bigger climbs. It is affecting my normal power output somewhat. I know I’m not the only one who must feel it, so it will be interesting to see how I go, once we descend out of the Rocky Mountains and into the flat Mid West USA heartland! #tabr2019 
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