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The battle continues...

Ulrich may be snoozing in his hotel room at the moment (and rightfully so!) but the race is not over for everyone else.

ETA for Sofiane: 22:00?

Sofiane is just over 60km away from the finish, however there are still many lumps and bumps along the parcours. We've given a conservative 3 hours but knowing Sofiane, he'll dig deep for the finish so don't go to bed too early tonight, will you?

Strangely, we've had no updates from him today so our gut instinct is telling us he's suffering. Allez, Sofiane!

4th place up for grabs

Fourth Place TPBR2020

While Adam Bialek has missed a section of the parcours and will likely face a time penalty, in terms of who will be the fourth rider over the line in Nice, Théo Daniel might just have to watch his back. There's very little in between these riders and as they ride into the night tonight, tiredness may get the better of one of them.

Fanny rides the parcours before the parcours

Fanny's route TPBR2020

As you can see, Fanny has taken an alternative road to a lot of the other riders (others have done the same, though!). If riders choose to use the same road as the parcours, they experience 100m more climbing for 4km less distance. Worth it, you might say, but with fatigue setting in, it looks like more riders prefer the longer, flatter kilometres before the inevitable climb up Mont Ventoux.

Leading pairs storming through to Ventoux

Winning pairs riders TPBR2020

Barring any kind of catastrophe over the next day or so, we reckon it's safe to say Xavier Gregoire and Daniel Rigoud are tipped to be the first team of pairs across the line in Nice. Importantly the nearest "pair" to them is actually just an individual rider whose partner scratched from the race a couple of days ago.

Literally no one: "Let's go up from Bédoin!"

Daniel Nash: OK!

Daniel Nash Bedoin TPBR2020

The only rider to choose the hardest way up Ventoux so far is Daniel Nash. I'd like to think it was a routing error but a little birdy tells me he's a glutton for punishment and loves climbing so much he didn't include aero bars because they'd get in the way when he's out the saddle!

It took Stephane Ouaja 1H 30M from Sault, while Daniel was 10 minutes faster from a little outside Bedoin despite the increased difficulty. Chapeau to you, sir!

Tomas Zaplatilek's neck is on the line

The first rider to take the hike-without-a-bike from Gstaad is suffering with Shermer's Neck. Tomas a.k.a. cap 50 is spending the day in Geneva to see if it gets any better for the days ahead.

"My neck is not cooperating any more to keep my head up 😞 I gave it 7(!) hours of sleep on a beautiful bus stop but it helped (just) for some 4 km... The last chance is a bike-free day in Geneve... If this is not gonna help, I wont be 2020 finisher... #cap50"

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