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First 48 update

As usual, it's been another hot and climby day in the Pyrenees and for some, a day of two halves.

Adam Aldum (#52a) entertained his instagram followers with a few stories today, screenshots of which are below for wider amusement. Both he and his fellow rider, Ben Clay, seem to have paused at around 335km.

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 21.35.09

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 21.36.15

Bagnères de Luchon is a hive of activity with a bunch of riders either fuelling up pre-Superbagnères or refuelling post-Superbagnères.

Bagneres de Luchon

Elsewhere, Ana Orenz continues her lead but with fewer than 40km between her and second placed woman Aoife Henry (#39), both will need to push on into the night if they're to battle it out.

Up front, Ulrich (#15) has completely dominated this race from the start and is now within 50km of the finish though there are still a couple of spikes to go according to the elevation profile. 900km in 48hrs is fast by anyone's calculations but add to that the 20,000m of climbing and you're looking at a superhuman effort!

Fighting for fourth place is Frenchman Clément Clisson (#38) who is just 21 years old. Transpyrenees is his first long-distance cycling event, so he's proving that a big future awaits him.

Sadly, there were a few scratches today:

  • #34 David Herranz
  • #56b Pedro Neves
  • #61b Santiago Ciges

Both partners of the pairs have decided to continue their race so we look forward to seeing how they progress on the course.

We're in for a long night of dotwatching tonight to see if Ulrich manages to finish in the next few hours.

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