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8 days 8 hours 15 minutes

8 days 8 hours and 15minutes is the winning time for the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race. Jay Petervary brought the win home at 5:15pm local time with a clear margin of victory. Jay was an outstanding pre-race favourite vastly experienced at unsupported races in remote environments. His experienced really showed in the second part of the race where the course became more remote and the weather hit extremes of heat and cold. Jay managed his effort, supplies and pacing with a strong and consistent ride to take the inaugural title.

All eyes are now focused on the tight battle for second place. Levente Bagoly has so far managed to retain second positon after his dash through the final check point. Behind him key protagonists Kim Raeymakers and Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan have been riding much of the last kilometres in close company and have been gradually been closing the gap to Levente. The big question is will they have enough road to make it a battle for 2nd position? Or will they be racing for 3rd?

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Keep your eyes on the tracker in the coming hours to watch the race for the podium places play out…

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