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Tour Divide - Finishers’ Gallery

Tour Divide 2019 finishers' gallery:

1st, Chris Seistrup 15:11:22

GS CS 02 (Pic George Harris)

PB CS 02 (Pic Pete Basinger)


2nd, Nate Ginzton: 15:20:47.

AC Nate Ginzton maybe (pic Alex Cohen)

Nate Ginzton by Matt Hoven (pic Matt Hoven)


3rd, Peter Sandholt:16:02:27

George Harris PS (pic George Harris)

Peter H by MH (pic Matt Hoven)


4th Steve Halligan:16:03:27

Jeff S SH 01 (pic Jeff Sharp)


5th Tony Lesueur: 16:08:24

TL 02
(pic Tony Lesuer)


6th Josh Ibbett: 16:15:53

. 06 Josh Ibbett .

7th, Stefano Roumaldi: 16:17:03

SR by Matt Hoven (pic Matt Hoven)

. .

8th, Kai Edel: 16:17:58 KE KE (pic Kai Edel)


9th equal Lucas Ratliff :16:19:44

Lucas Ratliff by KS (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)


9th equal Bear Stillwagon.:16:19:44

Bear Stillwagon XX (pic Gina Evans) .

11th Kim Raeymaekers in 17:05:47

Jk Kim (pic Josh Kato)


12th Peter Kraft : 17:11:29

Day 4 Ovando Peter Kraft (pic Kathy Schoendoefer)


13th David Langley : 18:02:09

KS DL (pic Kathy Schoendoefer)


14th Beau Troesch 18:03:16

JK Beau Troesch (pic Josh Kato)


15th and 1st Single Speed Ryan Simon: 18:03:38

Ryan Simon Greg Goodman (pic Greg Goodman)


16th, 1st Woman and 1st Female Single Speed Alexandera Houchin : 18:20:26 (New Women's Single Speed Record)

LG Alex 02 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

LG Alex o5 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

!Alex by Tomas (pic Tomas Jonsson)

. .

17th, Robert Goldie:18:22:48

Robert Goldie (pic Simone Bailey)


18th, Les Brown: 19:00:53

Les Brown JS (pic Jeff Sharp)


19th, Nate Stillwagon: 19:09:10

JB Nate 01 (pic Janet Blessington)


20th, Scott Robinson:19:22:18

JB Soctt Robinson (pic Janet Blessington)


21st equal, Zoe Chauderlot: 20:14:07

ZC JB better (pic Janet Blessington)


21st equal, Nic Brown 20:14:07

21 Nick Brown by Janet Blessington (pic Janet_Blessington)


23rd, Dave Barter 20:15:52

Janet B Dave B (Pic Janet Blessington)


24th equal, Geof Blance: 20:22:15

BW GB (pic Brenda Wiard)


24th equal, Davy Patterson: 20:22:15

BW Davy P (pic Brenda Wiard)


26th: Josh Uhl: 21:07:05

JB JU (pic Janet Blessington)


27th: Paul Kruger:21:07:54

JGR Paul Kruger 01 (Pic Jacqueline Guthrie Rice)


28th: Todd Day: 21:15:48

JB todd day 02 (pic Janet Blessington)

29th, Craig Newton: 21:20:25

CN Craig (pic and caption Craig Newton)


30th, David Bourke: 21:20:43


(pic Brenda Wiard)


31st Nick Skarajew: 21:22:57

Nic Skarajew better


32nd (and 5th single speed), Rich Caramadre: 22:01:57

RC Rich (pic and caption Rich Caramadre)



33rd, Steven Moatt:22:04:45


(pic Steve Moatt)


34th, Curtis Fincher: 22:12:02

Day 5 Kurtis Fincher

(pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)


35th (equal?), Jeff Sapp: 22:13:29

Jeff Sapp

(pic Jeff Sapp)


36th (or 35th equal), Tim Roberts: 22:13:37

Tim BW (pic Brenda Wiard) .

37th (equal?), Daniel Nickel: 22:14:02

Daniel Nickel BW (pic Brenda Wiard)


38th or 37th equal, David de Sotomayer: 22:14:07

David de S BW (pic Brenda Wiard)


39th, Jackson Lester: 22:23:03

Robert JL (Pic Robin NeJame)


40th, Jimmy Bisese

JB Jimmy (pic Janet Blessington)

. .

41st equal and Third Woman, Del Gorton: 24:09:50

JB 01 (pic Janet Blessington)


41st equal Nigel Williamson 24:09:50

JB 02 (pic Janet Blessington) .

43rd Glen Mactavish 24:13:08

JB Gavin (caption and pic Janet Blessington)


44th and Fourth Woman Brandi Blade : 24:22:29.

BB BB 03 (pic Brandi Blade)


45th Steve Brigham; 25:04:52.

LG 03 Steve Brigham SS (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


46th Ross Burrage 25:06:10

RB RB (pic Ross Burrage)


LG 06 RB (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


47th Nathan Franklin :25:09:40.

Nathan Franklin (pic Joe Pavlik)


48th Aaron Ehlers Aaron's time was 25:11:39 and he took 48th place.

. Aaron Ehler AE


49th Craig Schwyn midnight in 25:15:49.

JB Craig Schwyn


50th, Bob Stone : 25:21:26. Bob Stone Josh Kato (Pic Josh Kato)


51st Austin Turner 27:01:22 Day 5 Austin Turner (pic Kathy Schroendoerfer)


52nd, Jesse Tannahill 27:01:38

JB JT (pic Janet Blessington)


53rd, Marty Johnson 27:12:31

LG 11 marty Johnson (pic Linda Guerrette Photography) . .

Marty J LG 03 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


54th, Eric Morton: 27:15:48

JB Eric Morton

(Pic and caption Janet Blessington)


55th, Gary Johnson: 27:22:36

Gary Johnson John Girmsey (pic John Girmsey Jr)

. .

56th equal, Bonnie Gagnon 27:23:16 56th equal, Grant Larvick 27:23:16

JH BG GL (pic Janie Hayes)

. .

58th equal, Joeseph Rafferty: 27:23:16

JR KS (pic Kathy Schoendorfer)

59th, Hal Russell : 28:01:46

Hal LG (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

Hal LG 02 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

. . .

60th, Adam Kiem: 28:02:00

Ak L Russell (pic Linda Welker Russell)

. .

61st, Jason Barrett: 28:04:17

JB Jason

(Pic and caption Janet Blessington)


62nd, Max Bloomfield:28:23:25

Max Bloomfield Kirsten Henriksen

(pic Kirsten Henricksen)

63rd, Mikki Suvia: 29:08:06

Mikki MS (pic Mikki Suvia)

. .

64th, Joey King: 29:09:07

Joey King Joey King

. .

65th, Bill Claridge: 30:11:03

Bill Claridge BC (pic Bill Claridge)

66th Rob Peters:31:06:41

No image available.

67th equal Simon Maindonald : 31:08:23

JB SM (pic and caption Janet Blessington)

. .

67th equal, Michael De Jong : 31:08:23

JB XX (pic and caption Janet Blessington)

. .


1st, Daniel Thrush : 24:04:22

DT DT (pic Bethaney Rentz)

DT KS (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)

2nd, Maxwell Southam 24:13:13

MS Bethany Rentz (pic Bethaney Rentz)

MS KS02 (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)

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