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Sunday Funday

Once again, the weekend provided excellent entertainment in the form of hard racing. We're now over a week into this race and it's be lit up from the beginning.


Saturday evening's forecast looked a bit worrying up the Pico Veleta and it sure delivered. Riders had to take cover to dodge the torrential rain.

Storm 1


After climbing Pico Veleta with a broken spoke, it was time to say goodbye for Wilson as he pulled out of the race. We wish him all the best with his recovery and bike maintenance bill.

Wilson Cesar 2


Riders needed to take a ferry in Huelva, Spain in order to continue their races. The last one runs at 8pm before closing down for the night. The chase was on last night for a number of riders to make it before they'd have to resign themselves to the city until the morning.


Here Hippy on board his earlier crossing.



Ulrich is predictably well ahead now and just has one more checkpoint to go before his journey to the finish. CP8 at the Caín de Valdeón is equal parts beautiful as it is nailbiting.

"The only access to Caín is a narrow gorge along the Cares river surrounded by rocky mountain ridges reaching heights over 2.600m."

We look forward to an update from him!

A little further back, Bruno Ferraro has broken free of the riders he was once in contention with. He's about 100km east of Lisbon at the time of writing and has a fair distance to go until he reaches CP7, the popular Monte Farinha in northern Portugal.

Luís, Kim and André are all within a stone's throw of each other so sixth place is still well and truly up for grabs.

Our pairs riders of Stefan and Sandra are just beginning the CP5 parcours. They're riding well together ahead of a second bunch of solo riders just north of Malaga.

It's fair to say the top ten is still open for a lot of riders. The race is just beginning to heat up and we're ready for it!

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