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We have a bouncing dot!

bouncing dot

Jochen Böhringer wins the Hope 1000 race in 3D 17H 16M

He's broken the course record by around 10H, the last 130km on a borrowed bike ridden in borrowed shoes. 👏

We expect Sofiane and Markus to finish in the early hours of Wednesday morning, too. They're currently tied for second place (notwithstanding Markus' earlier detour) and we suspect the winner will be whoever crests the final climb first.

All results are of course provisional and subject to the organisers approval.

We'll be back in the morning to bring you finish times as the riders reach Montreux.

Emma Pooley withdraws from the race


She's down but not out as her Instagram post explains. It looks like she's going to have an adventure outside race conditions and what a great adventure she'll have. We're sending our best wishes to her and also hoping the bike gods bless her with no further mechanicals.

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