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TD Rider Profile: Kai Edel

Hello there, my name is Kai. I'm doing the Tour Divide this year.

Kai 01

The TD has always been on my to do list since I started doing ultra events. I heard a lot of great things about the route. The remoteness and the beauty of the nature. So I'm excited to do it this year, especially with known riders, who became friends during my last year's of taking part in some ultra-events.

Although I already completed several rides, like the TransAm 2016, IPWR 2017 and NCTR 2018, I'm looking forward about the learning-process I will go through riding a MTB this time through remote areas for days and days.

I started riding my bike pretty much daily, since I became a bike messenger '98. After doing Triathlons and a lot of cycle touring throughout the years, I started with long distance riding 2010 doing the Brevets for PBP, that I completed 2011 and 2015.

I do like to challenge myself and test out my mental and physical limits in extreme riding situations. Trying to deal and solve upcoming issues like sleep deprivation, thirst and hunger, bike mechanics, etc., When you are in this extreme environment, helps and teaches me also a lot about myself and life.

Since the beginning of taking part in Ultra-Races, I try to "warm-up" with bike tours to or before the start. This year I'm not breaking with this habit, so right now I'm on my way from San Francisco to Banff to get into the daily rhythm.

I do like to thank some crews out there,who are supporting me throughout the years of riding:

My mates of the Pony Riders Courier Service, who let me go to those events each year.

The Guys from Radsport Bomm, who are taking care of my bikes and getting my set-up ready.

The Kurierzentrale, Basel, who supporting me with cycling gear and other stuff. The girls from Diamantfabrikken in Berlin, who make sure that my skin gets covered with ink. And last but not least the Samurai-Messenger-Crew in New York, my Homebase when away from home.

So long. Hope to see some of you up there in Banff. Happy Riding, Kai

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