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Day 9

Twenty-two riders are now past the detour option, and we’re yet to see someone make the turn. It could be the added climbing metres, or the reports of poor conditions, but the leading group have all opted for the original route.

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Tom Wick and Lea Meszarosova remain close, trading 10th place back and forth overnight. The pair have been holed up in Hot Sulphur Springs for the last six hours, and will likely be back on the road again soon.

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In day 9’s update, Australian rider Damian van Loon takes time to recover and enjoy the scenery:

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Day 9 - Trans Am Bike Race Decided to take it easy today and really enjoy myself in Yellowstone National Park! Temperature started at -1c but warmed up nicely later to around 15c. I think I definitely have some type of altitude sickness, as I have most of the symptoms...this is the first time I have ever ridden my bike above 2000m...so have decided to be kind to myself and crank up the pace again once I’m over Hoosier Pass and back much closer to sea level! I am a little frustrated with my progress to date, after such a good start but not much I can do but listen to the body and make sure I keep moving forward...the scenery and friendliness of the local riders and people I meet is pretty amazing...I am thankful for every day I have on this planet and know I live a very lucky life compared to most...so please think of what I say as just letting out my emotions, rather than pretending everything is fine! Live and learn along the way as they say...go Abdullah! #tabr2019 
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And Californian rider Reuben Trach is continuing his battle with pain management – getting quite creative in the process:

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