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While you were sleeping

Ulrich (#15) decided to pause for 3h ahead of taking on the mighty Tourmalet in the early hours this morning. His chaser, Christoph (#8), spent six hours getting some much needed respite from the heat in Arreau before ascending the same Col just a few hours later. They're currently the only two to have passed over the Col du Tourmalet but Chris Hinds (#43) is at the foot of the climb now.


The antipodean wonder that is Hippy (#20) has been active on twitter claiming he's struggling in the weather. His short break near the Col de Mente seemed eventful...


British rider Ana Orenz currently leads the women's field. She spent a couple of hours close to Porte d'Aspet before continuing this morning.


We've had reports from HQ about riders suffering some degree of sunburn. Luckily today looks to have a little more cloud cover than yesterday with fog looming higher up some mountains.

Feast your eyes on these incredible images courtesy of Carlos and Peter:

TPR007 Rider pictured: Javi Gamallo

TPR008 Rider pictured: Clement Clisson

Let's see what happens over the next few hours as the front runners hit the slopes of Port de Larrau on the border of France and Spain.

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