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Tour Divide Day 24

Day 24

Jackson Lester made it to the border after an all night run and closed it out in under 23 days with a 22:23:03 finish time to be the 39th finisher.

Robert JL (Pic Robin NeJame)

Jimmy Bisese had a 02:00 start from Silver City after a short rest and knocked out the final leg in 12 hours to finish 40th in 23:06:18

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South of Pie Town, Ross Burrage found this shelter / water / resupply point which a rancher has built for bikers and hikers:


So, why is Pie Town so named? The story goes that in the 19th century there was a hotel that made pies, and placed signs at all the cross roads within a reasonable riding distance saying "PIE". Eventually, the actual name of the town was forgotten as eveyone just simply called it Pie Town.

Janie Hayes has a blog up on her experience on the TD this year: http://jimmyandjanie.com/2019/07/06/a-romance-and-a-heartbreak-on-the-tour-divide/?fbclid=IwAR0GqUjUwpKmR8Un3U2qyU1DOfxzXg4obMbgMJydp--1G9cr1spS79cHU-g

NOBO race is coming close to a conclusion: Daniel Thrush is on Elk Pass and Max Southam is in Fernie.

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