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Tour Divide Day 23

Day 23:

29th, Craig Newton: 21:20:25

Finished!! Arrived Antelope Wells on the Mexican border this morning at 4am for a final time of 21 days and 20 hours. Great to ride with David Bourke, knocked off the final 800km in three days.

CN Craig (pic and caption Craig Newton)


30th, David Bourke: 21:20:43


31st Nick Skarajew: 21:23:30 (approx)




32nd (and 5th single speed), Rich Caramadre: 22:01:57

Well....That was fun! 22 days, 2 hours,58 mins. Finished 31. 5th singlespeed I believe 158 starters. Thanks to everyone who watched my dot. #KuhlCycling

RC Rich (pic and caption Rich Caramadre)



33rd, Steven Moatt:22:04:45


Finish video .... https://www.facebook.com/MoattSails/videos/487209045380362/


Andrew Hunt came in with Steve Moatt, but after missing Richmond peak is not part of the GC.

Jb AH (pic Janet Blessington)


34th, Curtis Fincher: 22:12:02


35th (equal?), Jeff Sapp: 22:13:29

2745 miles, 22 days. Done. #tourdivide2019 JS JS (pic and caption Jeff Sapp)


36th or 35th equal, Tim Roberts: 22:13:37

Tim BW (pic Brenda Wiard) .

37th (equal?), Daniel Nickel: 22:14:02

Daniel Nickel BW (pic Brenda Wiard)


38th or 37th equal, David de Sotomayer: 22:14:07

David de S BW (pic Brenda Wiard)

Finish pic and great TD summary from second placed lady Zoe Chauderlot: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzjQqjGCt8I/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Linda Guerrette has posted up some pics and narrative here on those riding the Tour Divide and racing to stay in front of the 30 Day Flag.


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