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Tour Divide Day 26

Day 26:

Brandi Blade put in a huge push to get to Antelope Wells before the end of Day 25 to complete her ride in 24:22:29. She put in a fast finish through the night riding from Silver City to the end through the night to finish just after sunrise to take 44th place and 4th woman home.

BB BB 03 (pic Brandi Blade)

Steve Brigham arrived at Antelope Wells to end his journey in 25:04:52.

Steve Brigham LG 03 Steve Brigham SS (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

Ross Burrage who runs The Hidden Athlete podcast rode his single speed up to the border gates at 14:10 to finish in 25:06:10 on his single speed.

RB RB (pic Ross Burrage)

Nathan Franklin finished in 25:09:40. Nathan was riding using SpotWalla instead of track leaders.

Aaron Ehlers was next in. Aaron had lost 28 hours when his Salsa Cutthroat's bottom bracket died and he had to go into Sante Fe from Abiquiu for repairs. After taking a 17 hour break at Pie Town to let the muddy trail dry out, Aaron pushed through to Antelope Wells in on emassive stage from 09:00 Monday to 19:39 Tuesday . For Aaron this is the second leg of his 2019 Triple Crown attempt - doing the big 3 US off-road bikepacking races of the AZTR 750 (completed in April in 15d 11h), the TD and the CTR which starts 27th July. Aaron's time was 25:11:39.



Craig Schwyn bought it home just before midnight in 25:15:49.

Craig Schwyn: JB Craig Schwyn (pic Janet Blessington)

A short video of Craig is here: https://www.facebook.com/114486788589490/videos/493659751177550/

From Jackson who finished a couple of days ago:


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