Badlands 2020

Granada, Spain

Badlands 2020 is the inaugural gravel event brought to you by the organisers of Transibérica and Transpyrenees. As a sprint event, we're expecting a real spectacle of fast endurance racing.

07:00, 6 September, 2020

Distance — Elevation




Key Events

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Total Racers: 117

Scratched: 9% ( 10 )

Finished: 68% ( 80 )


  • 1stLachlan Morton (Winner)
  • 2ndHayden Mccormick (Finished)
  • 3rdÓscar Pujol (Finished)
  • 4thAshley Dennis (Finished)
  • 5thBruno Ferraro (Finished)
  • 6thJosé Ángel Díaz (Finished)
  • 7thHippy (Finished)
  • 8thPaulo Ferreira (Finished)
  • 9thManuel Villalobos (Finished)
  • 10thRaúl Peralta (Finished)


  • 1stDavid Rovira (Winner)
  • 2ndRicard Calmet (Finished)
  • 3rdCarlos Conesa (Finished)
  • 4thMiguel Ángel García (Finished)
  • 5thJason Paul (Finished)
  • 6thMauricio Aguilar (Finished)
  • 7thIñaki García (Finished)
  • 8thJosé Cabello (Finished)
  • 9thRalph Birke (Finished)
  • 10thTim Kremer (Finished)

Events Feed

This race is yet to start. When the riders set off, we'll provide detailed updates from the ground. Our expert commentators will provide written and photo commentary to better understand what is happening on the map. In the meantime, take a look at the route in the tracking panel and learn more about racing from our features and results. If you'd like to commentate for this race, please email