Prominent members of the community share their opinions on pressing issues in the sport

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Roundtable: The Role of the Media Crew

The role of the media crew in telling the story of a race both during and after the event has been instrumental in the growth of our sport but their potential influence on the race is disputed. We pose our questions to those with the most experience from either side of the lens.

Roundtable: How can our sport achieve better diversity through positive action?

In a changing world, organisers and coordinators are seeking to address the gender, racial and LGBTQ+ imbalances in bikepacking. We put some questions to these changemakers about their chosen methods for positive action, the benefits they’ve reaped and the work left to be done.

Roundtable: How do dotwatchers affect the racing experience?

As the sport of ultraracing has grown, so has its spectator experience: dotwatching. In the world of unsupported racing, we ask the panel how do dotwatchers affect the race experience?

Roundtable: Should races enforce safety equipment that are additional to the country’s legal requirements?

Welcome to the DotWatcher Roundtable, a new feature where we invite prominent guests from our racing community to discuss a hot topic in unsupported racing. To kick things off, we’re posing some questions about rider safety in events.

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