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Check out riders' bike and equipment choices for races across the world

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Bikes Of Tour Te Waipounamu

Inaugural editions bring both excitement and uncertainty. For the riders, they face going into New Zealand's high country with no previous kit lists, no comparisons or guidelines to follow; merely their experience and intuition. And the Tour Te Waipounamu is no exception.

Bikes of the Transcontinental

Ultra-endurance races always attract a quirky selection of bikes and this year's Transcontinental is no different. With everything from good old fashioned steel to modern rigs of titanium and carbon, it was a real array of bicycle beauty.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Push Bikes of Paris-Brest-Paris

The 1200km randonée attracts the most weird and wonderful bicycles.

By: Grace Lambert-Smith

Bikes of Three Peaks Bike Race

What machine does it take to conquer three brutal peaks in Europe? We delve into some of the choices riders have made for the 2020 Three Peaks Bike Race.

Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint

A selection of the bikes making their way between Vesuvio and Etna.

Bikes of the Highland Trail 550

The HT550 is back following its 2020 hiatus with a star studded line up of some of the best racers in the UK. A Best of British roster with former winners and those looking to redeem themselves after a very wet 2019.

Bikes of Victoria Divide

With previous winning times ranging from 40 to 44 hours, the front runners carry very little to no sleep equipment. Keep an eye out for the very lightly loaded bikes, they'll be ridden by those at the pointy end of the race. đŸ“¸ Jimmy Ròˆstlund

Bikes of Transpyrenees

With a lot of riders now en route to Spain for the beginning of the Transpyrenees race, we've received a selection of the bikes that'll be toughing it out on the tarmac between Llança and San Sebastian.

Bikes of Two Volcano Sprint 2020

Which bikes will ride to the finish at Mount Etna? Find out more about the riders and their rigs right here.

Bikes of Journey Around Rwanda

As the Race Around Rwanda was adapted into the Journey Around Rwanda, so were the riders' kit lists. No longer a race and with hotel stops each night, we saw riders ditch any sleeping equipment for some clothes to wear to dinner each night, and a wide array of flipflops.

Bikes Of Race Around the Netherlands

What bike would you take for possibly the flattest utra race on the calendar? Found out how riders balance comfort and speed when elevation isn't a consideration.

Bikes of Dales Divide

A route with a blend of singletrack, bridleways, 4x4 tracks and tarmac calls for a versatile bike. Each rider has chosen their perfect compromise of comfort and speed to meet the varying demands of this off-road route.

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