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Less than 24 hours to go...

It's been a busy morning for riders as they get themselves temporarily settled in Marrakesh and make their way to registration.

markus stitz amr2020 1

📷 Markus Stitz

Upon landing in Marrakesh, the anticipation of bikes surviving the trip across reached a fever pitch. A quick taxi to their hotels and riders began fettling.

Jule Boetel AMR2020 spoke

Jule Bötel reported a broken spoke which was quickly repaired thanks to an emergency trip to a bike shop 😅

Liam Yates AMR2020 James Hayden

Once rolling, it looks like some last minute training was in order for Liam Yates and James Hayden, two riders we believe may not be so friendly in a few hours' time 😉

Jenny Tough AMR2020 love

And in case you weren't aware (of course you were!), it's Valentine's Day today and Jenny Tough devoted a whole Instagram story to the love of her life.

Don't forget, the wonderful team behind the race will be updating their social channels with the latest and greatest so keep their profiles close.


We'll be back with another update later just as riders tuck themselves into their nice comfy beds for the final time.

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