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Josh Ibbett TCR analysis 9

Entering day 12 of the TCR all attention is now on our leading female rider Ede Harrison. So far Ede has ridden this TCR with a strong and consistent ride which has left her well up towards the front of the field. Last night she reached CP4 before taking on the toughest parcour in TCR history at Bielnisca.

Ede is looking certain for victory and currently enjoys a 200km lead of her nearest competitor. Currently cycling through Montenegro towards the Albanian border we can look to expect our female winner in around 48hours time given her riding so far.

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It’s worth remembering the finishing the TCR in the first few riders is actually easier. The front runners take all the plaudits and praise; however, the real heroes are those out there battling until the finishing party and beyond. Extra days out on the road mean extra days suffering, extra days eating on the move, extra days without showers and extra energy spent.

One thing is for sure though, everyone finish’s the TCR equal. Winners understand how hard it is to win and how hard they have to push themselves in those last few days. So, anyone who has to be out there suffering for days, sometimes weeks more gets maximum respect. All TCR finishers are winners, yes, the first person gets a jersey, but the real prize is the journey itself and the honour of sharing a beer and the anecdotes of your fellow riders on the finish line.

So, for those those still out there keep on trucking!

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