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Game over

We bear bad news: Rich has ended his HT550 ITT.

Yesterday's crash was worse than first thought. He reached Ben Alder with the idea that he'd see what his injuries felt like the next morning and unfortunately they weren't too great. A short ride to Rannoch Station will see him boarding the next train to Fort William and returning home.

On the positive side, his kit didn't fail and the only thing he would consider next time (if there is one) are ice tyres, though the extra lag on them would ultimately decide whether he did that or not.

He hopes to have inspired other people to give it a good but warns the lack of daylight, potentially treacherous conditions and need to carry a lot of extra batteries as points that will challenge the next rider.

We're already looking forward to the May 2020 edition of the HT550 and hope the snow has thawed by then!

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