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Day 4 Summary

Riders have been rolling into the finish in Nicolosi throughout last night and today. Those finished find have been greeting incoming racers, exchanging notes from the road and waiting to welcome the next road-weary rider in.

Twenty-one riders have now finished, Thomas Ceyrowsky and Niel Copeland since our last update. Niel described the experience as "absolutely savage" and "the hardest thing I've ever done".

Nicky Shaw is nearing the top of Mt. Etna and looks to be the third solo woman that will reach the finish. The rest of the field are either facing the final 200 km in Sicily or are bearing down on the ferry at the bottom of the Apeninnes.

e7922a84-3899-4c00-8324-3c6b0108dd8d f846cc82-bb8c-45d4-83f4-a4f29943d705 📷 Celeste Jones - Neil Jones with a shot of grappa, and a hot arancini at the finish

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