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Josh Ibbett race analysis 10

The stream of riders crossing the finish line continues in the 2018 TCR. With 65 riders now finished.

Ede Harrison secured the female race with a fantastic performance. Ede finished in a time of 13days 16 hours and 30 minutes securing the title with a large gap over the rest of the female field. In fact Ede’s biggest concern at the finish was trying to find a bed for the night! The influx of TCR riders has meant that hotel rooms are filling up quick, let’s hope no more Bivvi nights are needed!

Anisa Aubin arrived in second position after a strong chase over the final few days. She did close the gap to Ede, however ultimately, she was too far behind to take the win and finished 15hours behind.

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Karolina Maciejewska has been making steady progress across Albania, despite a few navigational issues. Maps and roads don’t always correlate in Albania so it can sometime be a little tricky. However, Karolina found solace in ice cream and is now about to enter Greece for the final stint to the finish line. Karolina is looking set to take the final spot on the female podium and should be finished in time for tomorrows finishing party.

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