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Day 5 Summary

The curtains have almost drawn closed on this years Two Volcano Sprint. As much of the cycling world's eyes were on the Alps as the Giro d'Italia was lit up - many of our ultra-cyclists were still proving themselves by conquering Etna and earning the respect of finishing this brutal race.

a6807093-3768-4d2a-aec6-383bcec62bd8 📷 Celeste Jones - Patrick Doupe reaches the finish to reunite with his wife. Patrick's bike broke early on in the race but managed to finish still after getting replacement wheels.

Eleven riders have reached the finish so far today. Adrian O’Sullivan, Matthieu Lifschitz, Frank Scholler and Marina Sonzogni arrived earlier in the day (as seen in previous updates). Riders continued to finish throughout the afternoon and evening:

Cédric Sion in 107 hrs 25 mins (29th) Thomas Chateau in 107 hrs 33 mins (30th) Kamil Prusinowski in 108 hrs 04 mins (31st) Patrick Doupe in 108 hrs 25 mins (32nd) Luigi Valiante in 108 hrs 51 mins (33rd) Pamela Cepparulo in 108 hrs 57 mins (34th) and Tom Van Hout in 111 hrs 30 mins (35th)

PHOTO-2020-10-22-15-15-51 📷 Celeste Jones - Frank Scholler at the end of his first race. "It was unreal. The last climb was tough. At the top of Mt. Etna, I cried like a child".

b3ffbb8f-8274-4b02-b76a-97bd9a118446 📷 Celeste Jones - Cedric Sion

703c96c3-607a-4c07-87cb-3e6b77dcbb39 📷 Celeste Jones - Thomas Chateau "The descent from Mt. Etna was enough to forget all the other difficulties"

0a3c61c9-1b68-4d79-ada6-a459589e946d 📷 Lily Buhring - Kamil Prusinowski on his way to the finish: "It's a shame it's over!"

b3bcb36c-7c32-4dbe-a41c-52192a3d2afe 📷 Celeste Jones - Luigi and Pamela at the finish!

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