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Day 13: While we were sleeping

Overnight, Theo Daniel and Stephane Ouaja rounded out our top ten, finishing four hours apart at around 9pm and midnight respectively. Daniel Nash rode into the early part of the morning to finish at around 3am, while Sam Thomas is our latest finisher, crossing the line just 30 minutes ago.

Finishers will come thick and fast today, with three riders already riding the parcours, and a group of three more just 40km away.

Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 09.24.48

Back in Switzerland, Niel Copeland makes his way towards CP3 having completed the mandatory parcours. The riding may be tough, but he’s being treated to some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains:

Later tonight, CP4 will close, leaving remaining racers less than three days’ riding to cover the 1,100km across France to Brest in time for the official end of the competition and finishers’ party on Sunday. Best of luck to all those still riding – we’re wishing you tailwinds, sunshine, and warm bivvies.

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